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Hammock and History

The hammock is a bundle of thread, string or fabric attached to the air suspended only at its ends and is used mainly for sleeping, lying down, relax or making it swing like a rocking swing. Normally Hammocks are panels of yarn or string woven together to form a body big and tough enough to withstand the weight at less than one person, in different regions of the world also used fabric to make them.

Originally hammocks were used by ancient Mayans for sleep, centuries later came into use to rest and sleep in places with smaller spaces in which it was not possible to access to a bed or chair.

The hammock had its origins about 30 years and was discovered by Spanish during the conquest appreciating the use that was given by different civilizations in the Americas.

Individual Hammocks Cool
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Hammocks Jumbo Size
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Hammocks Thick Cotton Cord
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Hammock Chair
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Handwoven Hammocks - Mayan Style
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The hammock is a means of relaxation and rest, and is used for sleeping even in the most secluded regions of the planet.

There are many designs and types of hammocks, as are the hammocks Brazilian, American style, Nicaraguans, Asian, Japanese and more world renowned traditional Mayan hammock. Each of them has its own special characteristics that differentiate them from others and their own advantages and disadvantages, are made with fabric, nylon, wire, rope, canvas so they are even suitable for use in different situations climate and environment types, also produced numerous accessories make use of more efficient and comfortable hammocks an example of these would be line extensions for the arms, hammocks, mosquito nets, pillowcases Travel, utensils washed by hand or machine etc.

Among the many models that are smaller in the hammock most cases are designed to withstand the weight of a person to (160kgs / 350 pounds) while a larger hammock can support the weight of 4 persons of the same proportions by weight has even been shown in a hammock jumbo Maya style can support the weight of up to 10 people.

The woven fabric used in Mayan hammocks are used Now normally for the manufacture of different varieties hammock chairs and some models that have a wooden bar and others are not and characteristic of being subjected to the air suspended only by a single string at the top of them, while others are chairs type mostly wooden seat where the fabric is used only in the area seat.

Installation and Use

The hammock can be used for sleeping, resting, relaxing, rocking, cooing babies, among others there are different ways to install and use a hammock You can use hooks to secure it in the string also ends any material for hanging in a tree or column of sires but is more recommended that the rigid walls or columns are installed sires hammocks or hooks for hanging and can be used inside the home, garden, terrace, porch, outdoor or even on board a ship or boat.

Mexican and Mayan hammocks

In Mexico, hammocks are hand woven in small towns near the capital of Yucatan, Merida, and are marketed locally, nationally and international.
They are handmade by artisans and families are so traditional in Yucatan state, even the most humble of homes have a hammock suspended by its ends with hooks called hammocks and are used by 90% of people sleeping every day in season or cold heat is so popular that state governors enjoy their use. Mayan style hammocks have become so popular around the world that have created variations on this modified model. Hammocks of this style are woven with cotton yarn, nylon, sisal, sisal, wire 2 elephants, omega and the latter well known crochet to be the finest, durable and comfortable in the world.

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